Monday, June 29, 2009

Academia don't you just love it?

The time for me to go to Perkins has finally come you would think I was a kid going from Jr. High to High School. I have finally reached the goal of being full-time in the ministry and now i must follow the process to the next step. COSS - Course of Study School is for people pursuing a License to preach in the United Methodist Church when you haven't received a college degree.

I am excited about the time at Perkins Theological Seminary at SMU but academics is not my strong suit. I knew when I signed up I would need to follow the guidelines of the Book of Discipline of the UMC and the COSS is one phase. This will test my faith because it is an area of fear for me because in the past I wasn't very good at school work.

I believe I can do this and that it will be a good and positive experience for me. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" I desire to be a good example for the people I minister too and I do not want to disappoint them. Because of their generous support all my financial needs have been met. PRAISE THE LORD.

God has been so very good to me over this last year and I give Him all the glory for what is going on in my life. He has been faithful and I love him for that support he has shown me.

I could not do this with out the support of my lovely wife of 38 years - Happy Anniversary!!
She has been there to encourage me and to prove read my papers and check my attitude when it needed checking. Thanks for your loving support your the best.

Academics I love you be kind!